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At Makeview Windows & Doors, we believe your choice of aluminium windows and doors play a great role in the finishing of your project. To us, windows and doors play a vital role in the home. Not only do they allow you to appreciate a good view, allow light in and provide ventilation, a high quality aluminium window or door completes your high quality project.

We do not only provide high quality products. At Makeview Windows & Doors we pride ourselves on our ability to provide both supply and installation for your project. With many years’ experience in manufacturing and installing aluminium windows and doors you can be sure to receive high quality products and service.

At Makeview Windows and Doors we supply a wide range of aluminium windows and doors including; sliding windows, sliding doors, bi-fold windows, bi-fold doors, double hung windows, casement windows, awning windows, stacker doors, hinged doors as well as double glazing options.

Aluminium Doors

Sliding Doors

Sensational sliding and stacking doors

Series 618 MAGNUM™ Sliding Door
Series 731 Thermal Sliding Door
Series 50 Commercial Door
Series 52 Commercial Door
Series 471 Apartment Sliding Door
Series 702 SlideMASTER™ Sliding Door
Series 704 SlideMASTER™ Sliding Door
Series 852 Thermal Door System

Bi-fold Doors

Folding door systems for open living

Series 548 Designer Bi-fold Door
Series 730 Thermal Bi-fold Door
Series 410 FoldMASTER™ Bi-fold Door
Series 411 ViewMASTER™ Bi-fold Door
Series 412 ViewMASTER™ Bi-fold Door

Hinged Doors

Bold hinged, french & pivot doors

Series 549 Residential Hinged Door
Series 548 Designer Hinged Door
Series 729 Thermal Hinged Door
Series 50 Commercial Door
Series 52 Commercial Door
Series 650 Architectural Hinged Door
Series 852 Thermal Door System

Aluminium Windows

Sliding Windows

Versatile sliding window systems

Series 601 MAGNUM™ Sliding Window
Series 602 MAGNUM™ Sliding Window
Series 452 Commercial Sliding Window
Series 461 Apartment Sliding Window
Series 462 Architectural Sliding Window

Bi-fold Windows

Window systems for open living

Series 546 Designer Bi-fold Window

Double Hung Windows

Convenient Double Hung windows

Series 613 MAGNUM™ Double Hung
Series 614 Sashless Double Hung
Series 453 Commercial Double Hung
Series 463 Architectural Double Hung
Series 464 Sashless Double Hung

Awning & Casement Windows

Systems for ventilation and style

Series 616 MAGNUM™ Casement
Series 726 Thermal Awning
Series 466 Architectural Casement
Series 467 Architectural Casement

Louvre Windows

Privacy, sun control and ventilation

Series 525 Louvre Window
Series 417 Sun Control Shutter


Window and door hardware options

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